Damage Inflicted By PPD by Vince Greenwood, Ph.D.

The damage to society perpetrated by psychopaths is extensive. Psychopaths are human predators who take shocking legal, social and financial risks. They are callous and remorseless, and thus indifferent to the harm they inflict upon others. When they are in positions of authority – whether in government, corporate America or a skilled profession – the scope of damage is magnified.

The degree of personal, social and economic carnage wrought by psychopaths is enormous. Psychopaths consume an astonishing amount of criminal justice resources: while only 1% of the population displays this condition, psychopaths make up 20-25% of males incarcerated in North America.

Most psychopaths are not criminals. Still, the great majority of those who have had the misfortune of being in a relationship with a psychopath, have suffered psychological trauma and, not infrequently, financial ruin.

Vince Greenwood, Ph.D.

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